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Rapid Application Prototype
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We're working to dramatically reduce the duration and the cost of new application development. We do this by building our apps on top of a pre-built "application prototype" that already solves most of the problems of building a new app.

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Think of it as building a new model car on top of an existing, working, tested chassis and drive train. The car maker doesn't have to reinvent the chassis and drive train whenever a new body style is needed. Similarly, we don't reinvent the business application just because your data and your screens look different from someone else's.
What does RAP do for you?
In an ideal world, implementers would think about only three things: the data model, the business rules, and the user interface. Unfortunately in the real world these important things constitute only a small fraction of developers’ time, because most of developers' efforts must be expended reinventing
  • data modeling
  • database access in the database
  • database access in the application
  • business logic technology
  • error handling
  • UI component management
  • UI design
Consequently, the implementation phase of essentially all projects takes far longer than necessary, costs much more than needed, and is prone to poor quality. RAP either completely or partially resolves these problems, leaving developers freer to solve your unique business problems.
All materials are provided under the terms of our software license agreement. By clicking on any of the links below, you acknowledge that you have read the software license agreement and that you agree to its terms. System requirements:
  • Visual Studio 2008 or later
  • .NET 3.5 or later
  • RAP Release 2.2, Released August 27, 2010 (ZIP file)
  • Release Notes for RAP Version 2.2 (Microsoft Word document, included in the release above but provided separately in case you're unsure about whether you want the new release);

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