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Let us build your new application
Starting from scratch
Here's how we can help you get started:

Business Case Analysis: We can assist you in analyzing your current processes and determining where you might benefit from a new custom software application.

Requirements Collection: We'll assign a skilled business analyst to work with your people in determining your new application's requirements. We translate vague objectives into solid, detailed milestones with doable due-dates.

Flow Chart

Application Prototyping: We can create mockups that will help you decide on screen layouts and control flow. Using our library of user interface patterns, we can help you design every aspect of your new application's look-and-feel.

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Successive Refinement: We already have a solid foundation upon which to build your app, so we spend less time "under the hood" and more time with you making sure the body style is what you want.

Successive Refinement
Ongoing benefits
Even after we're done, we'll still be working to improve your application. That's because all our apps are written on top of a common core (it's called a "Rapid Application Prototype"). After we're done with your app, we'll still be making improvements to its underlying "engine."

At some future time, if it benefits you to do so, we can retrofit your app with our new version to provide you with new capabilities at a substantially lower cost than you'd expect to pay for an upgrade of a typical custom app.

You can get your new project started by giving us a call at 630-879-0620. Our initial consultation is always free, and we can at very least give you an idea of the scope and potential cost of your new project.