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Telemarketing Automation
A telemarketing firm sells insurance policies via phone. The problem is that every state has different regulations regarding the content of such messages and the behaviors of telemarketers. Commonly worded scripts with minor variations and telemarketer instructions are required in different scenarios.


We assisted in the production of a macro-based code generator that allows script designers to create scripts with alternate content and instructions, based on predefined variables concerning client location and other demographics.
Automatic Coupon Emailer
A retail franchise wants its franchisees to be able to create their own email-based coupon offers. The company designs templates that form the basis of the offers, but each franchisee can insert the specific wording and choose the dates for specific coupons.


We assisted in the creation of a full-custom web site that provides this capability and further implements a corporate approval workflow that gives the franchise the power to accept, reject, or return coupon designs for revision.