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what your competitors can't
We replace broken apps and recover failing projects
Can't take it any more?
If you have an application that doesn't work properly, "hangs" unexpectedly, and can't be fixed or maintained because it was never really written properly, we can probably help.

The Scream

It might worthwhile to calculate the cost of putting up with such applications, especially in terms of wasted paid employee hours and in lost opportunities. Compared to your ongoing losses, rewriting your apps might suddenly seem very affordable.
How we can help
Software doesn't have to be unreliable, expensive, and mysterious. If you write software systematically, it will behave predictably.


At Project Pro, we have the experience and perspective to imagine your whole project from beginning to end before we write the first line of code. We have application prototypes that we can leverage to minimize your cost, both in time and money.
Lower your costs today & tomorrow
Often people are faced with choosing between short and long term costs. Everyone wants long-term quality, but sometimes the money to pay for it just isn't available in the short term.

We may be able to spare you that choice. With our Rapid Application Prototype technology, we can generate much of the code for your application in seconds rather than in weeks or months. The code is rock-solid, giving you both long-term quality and short-term cost savings.

If you're struggling with apps that don't really work well, give us a call today at 630-879-0620! We develop apps the right way the first time - and we can replace your apps that weren't!