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An Internet-enabled gym
One of our largest projects was to build the entire server side of a complete exercise automation system for a client named "eXernet". Together with exercise equipment designers, we created a fully automated, Internet-enabled "gym" containing treadmills, bikes, ellipticals and other equipment having affixed touch-screens and intelligent keys.

An exerciser would log on to a piece of equipment, which would then contact our web server, which would download a custom exercise "prescription" for that exerciser on that particular equipment.

The equipment would then operate according to that prescription and finally upload the exerciser's performance summary for that exercise session.

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During the session the exerciser could watch TV, browse the Internet, or observe current exercise progress in graphical form. Exercisers, trainers, doctors, or other authorized users could log in to the eXernet web site, design "prescriptions" and view reports of the exerciser's history.
Ahead of its time
Exernet was fully operational in 2001. It was one of the earliest sites to deliver primarily user-supplied content, and it was a precursor to today's social networking sites. Unfortunately the principals in the fitness, medical, and insurance fields could not see the value of it at the time.

Interestingly today insurance companies are increasingly encouraging fitness among their clients in an effort to increase profits by reducing claims. Perhaps eXernet's day will come yet.