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We help you manage software projects
Failure doesn't need to be an option
Software projects are notoriously failure-prone. The problem is that most managers don't actively manage their software development process; rather they just request certain features on certain dates. It is simply assumed that programmers will make all the right decisions.

But many programmers don't have the experience to make those decisions, and in any event they don't have the authority to implement best practices even in their own groups. Only managers have the power to make the right things happen in a software project.

You could benefit from our help if:
  • projects & features are often late;
  • features don't work as expected;
  • testing never seems to end;
  • software barely or rarely works properly.
What we can do ... right away
We can help bring software costs and schedules under control by providing practical advice that you can apply right away. And once your current projects are running smoothly, we can show you a whole new structured method for building consistently high quality apps on time.
Four Tier Model
Our model (above) breaks down your project into small, manageable parts. Our prototype code helps your programmers implement best practices, even if they're not highly experienced. And our automatic code generators create code that your programmers won't need to write any more.
Oh what a relief it is
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