Giving you the power to do
what your competitors can't
We turn your imagined competitive edge into reality ... quickly and reliably
Rapid Applications
We build custom software that turns your imagined competitive edge into reality. What makes us different is the speed and quality of our delivery.

Entering hyperspace

When we build or rebuild your app from scratch, our Rapid Application Prototype system automatically produces large portions of it. In seconds we generate code that a programmer would   have to hand-write for days or perhaps weeks at a cost of thousands of dollars.
Experienced Staff
Unlike many software houses, we do not cut costs by seeking out the cheapest and least experienced people to build your applications. We choose our staff carefully. Our code is reviewed, refined and tested before you ever see it. The bottom line: fewer hassles and more "up time" for you.

Quality First

The code we generate automatically is far more likely to be correct than anything written by hand. And because of our experience, so is the code that we do hand-write.
Great Design
Our systematic, comprehensive design produces benefits that simply aren't available from most other vendors (for details, see our Benefits page).

Our underlying designs are sleek and efficient. We design for maintainability, ease of modification, and low cost of ownership.

Simplicity. Ease of use. Elegance. These are our goals.

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